BeSiTo GmbH is a young company that focuses on the development, production and distribution of technical accessories for the industry.
As the site of our young company, we have chosen the state of Brandenburg. A favorable infrastructure, and the pooling of research, development and production has made the decision for the location in Teltow easily.


 In our company, we refine the enzyme mixture pancreatin. Through our development, we have to win outward processing of 2 different products for our distribution capable. It is a pancreatin complex which is used as a technical enzyme mixture for further processing as a leather-dressing agent.

 The target group of our products of pancreatin complex, are large industrial companies. Primarily independent industrial companies who have placed their emphasis on the production of biological agents. Our products are sold exclusively as a supplier product for the manufacturing sector. 


Our company is based solely on the wishes of our customers, consisting of 3 factors:

     Quality - Price - Performance

 Our customers always receive competent advice and technically faultless goods at a fair price. Just get in touch with us, we will give you more information.


We develop new products, such as our TAJOSI N°3. To do this, visit the Internet address