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BeSiTo GmbH newsletter in February 2024:

At the beginning of this year, our common room was beautifully staged by dedicated artists!

Our Old Post Office as a spray painting!

BeSiTo GmbH newsletter in May 2023:

We've moved!

Our move to Zehlendorfer Straße 17, 14513 Teltow was a small logistical and structural masterpiece. Now we look  forward to welcoming you to our new flexible offices and new production facility in Teltow on the outskirts of Berlin. You can also keep in touch with us by phone!

Thanks to everyone involved! It was exhausting, but we also had a lot of fun... Thank you!

BeSiTo GmbH newsletter in May 2022:

Successful participation in the climate project of our shipper General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG. Many thanks to those involved who made this happen!


BeSiTo GmbH newsletter in June 2021:

Completion of development of the snail cream product

Tajosi N°3 Snail Repair Cream is a development by BeSiTo GmbH. After a 2-year development phase, the development was completed in June 2021 and the long-awaited start of sales began.

Snail slime is the beauty world's “miracle cure” for beautiful skin. It not only reduces wrinkles, but also supports the skin in the event of dryness or acne.  Tajosi N°3 Snail Repair Cream is for the care and regeneration of human skin. The developed skin cream is an innovative facial care with snail slime extract that protects, regenerates and moisturizes the skin.

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Press Extracts

Newsletter from the Stahnsdorf Community in November 2020:

Economy Stahnsdorf


An Enzymatic Pleasure

Two local companies, managed by Simone Wilkens from Stahnsdorf, deal with the development, production and sale of technical additives for industry. Together with their two daughters, their brother and other colleagues, they market, produce or refine enzymes for a wide variety of industries. Mayor Albers visited the friendly family in their place of work and learned more about the world of enzymes.

Figure: BeSiTo GmbH

One of the mainstays is Opopharma Handels-GmbH, which has existed since 1988 and was taken over by Simone Wilkens in 2018. The focus is on the packaging and sale of the digestive enzyme pepsin. Second company is the Besito GmbH. Among other things, the enzyme mixture pancreatin is refined here and sold exclusively as a supplier product for the manufacturing industry in the technical sector.
A special product that the three women have developed with great passion and the expertise of various national laboratories is a cosmetic product. The day cream called "Tajosi" is based on purely natural ingredients such as snail slime. Market launch and online shop are planned for the end of 2020.